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Detail Scans vs. Growth Scans: Understanding the Difference for Expecting Parents

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Greetings everyone,

There's a recent story about a mother who was distressed after her delivery when her doctor informed her that her baby had a cleft lip and had trouble breastfeeding. However, during her monthly check-ups, all the doctors assured her that the baby was fine. This raises the question: did the doctor lie?

It's important for expecting parents to know that problems like this can be detected even before the baby is born. That's where a "detail scan" comes in. A detail scan is a type of ultrasound scan that checks each of the baby's organs one by one, such as the brain, heart, face, intestines, spine, and so on. It takes longer than a regular scan because it's more thorough.

It's important to note that a detail scan is not the same as a 3D/4D scan that shows the baby's face in orange color. A growth scan, which only checks the size and weight of the baby, cannot detect structural problems. So even if the baby has a cleft lip or other issues, if the size and weight are normal, the doctor may say "your baby is fine" during a growth scan.

Not all doctors can perform a detail scan because it requires special training and certification. However, if you have the opportunity to do a detail scan, we encourage you to do so for the well-being of you, your partner, and your baby. It's a non-invasive, painless way to detect any potential issues with the baby's organs and structures.

If you want to know whether your baby's organs are okay or not, you can inquire with your healthcare provider or find a reputable clinic that offers detail scans. For instance, Klinik Radia in Shah Alam offers detail scans for expecting parents. Our clinic is staffed with certified sonographers and doctors who are trained to perform detail scans.

Some people may say, "Even if we detect a problem early, we will still accept this baby." This is true, but having more time to prepare emotionally, mentally, and physically can be beneficial for both parents and doctors. Early detection can give parents and healthcare providers more time to plan for the baby's care and needs.

In summary, we encourage all expecting parents to be informed about detail scans and to consider them for the well-being of their baby. And if you're in Shah Alam or nearby areas, feel free to book a detail scan with us at Klinik Radia.


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