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Preparing for the Hajj: A Guide to Tabung Haji's Medical Check-Up

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

If you are a Malaysian pilgrim registered with Tabung Haji and planning to perform the Hajj in 2023, you should note that Tabung Haji will only provide a 7-day period for you to undergo the mandatory medical check-up known as "Kesihatan Haji" or "Hajj Health". Therefore, it is important to plan ahead and make sure you schedule your check-up within the given timeframe.

To prepare for your medical check-up, there are a few things you can do in the months and days leading up to it. Firstly, make sure you have all the necessary documentation, such as your identification card, passport, and Tabung Haji registration documents, as well as any relevant medical records.

You may also want to consult with your healthcare provider and inform them that you will be performing the Hajj. They can advise you on any necessary vaccinations or medications, as well as any precautions you should take to stay healthy during the pilgrimage.

In the days leading up to your medical check-up, make sure you are well-rested and hydrated. Avoid consuming large amounts of caffeine, as this can affect your blood pressure and heart rate. It is also a good idea to fast for at least 8 hours prior to the check-up, as this may be required for certain tests.

One of the clinics appointed by Tabung Haji for the medical check-up in 2023 is Klinik Radia. At Klinik Radia, you can come and book your medical check-up with us. Our clinic is fully equipped with in-house blood investigations, X-ray, and ultrasound, which can make your investigation faster and more convenient.

It's worth noting that the owner of Klinik Radia has also been selected and has completed the Hajj in 2022. They have become a "Sahabat Maktab" appointed by Tabung Haji, which means they have valuable first-hand experience of performing the pilgrimage and can offer insights and advice to fellow pilgrims.

During the check-up, be sure to inform the healthcare provider of any pre-existing medical conditions or medications you are taking. This will help them to tailor the check-up to your specific needs and ensure that you receive appropriate care.

Once you have completed the medical check-up and received your "Kesihatan Haji" certificate, you can rest assured that you are physically fit to perform the Hajj. With proper preparation and care, you can make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage and return home safely and healthy.


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