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GeneXC Serum is a revolutionary formula featuring our proprietary combination of Extremozymes®, which are clinically proven to help protect, revitalize, and enhance the foundation of healthy skin while supporting multilevel protection and long-term visible improvements. GeneXC Serum contains 20% of our exclusive Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid); which is formulated with a powerful combination of botanically sourced enzymes, antioxidants, and fruit acids sourced from both land and sea. These cutting-edge ingredients work synergistically to provide the most scientifically advanced, clinically proven benefits; improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and evening the complexion, resulting in a more youthful, glowing appearance.

GeneXC Serum

  • • Early aging prevention
    • Healthy skin maintenance
    • Over-treated (over exfoliated) skin
    • Poor elasticity/thin and/or damaged skin
    • Normal, dry, oily, or combination skin
    • Sensitive skin types
    • Good for all genders

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